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What is Independence Plus?

Independence Plus

Independence Plus is a Supported Living Service in Harborne, Birmingham provided by The Queen Alexandra College (QAC) a Specialist Residential College.

The service originally started in August 2010 to provide Supported Living for former QAC learners after their time at the college ended, but since then has also provided support for non QAC learners from the local community.

If you would like to find out more about the ‘Independence Plus - Support Living Service’ please contact us:-

Alan Hamer
Independence Plus and Supported Living Director
Queen Alexandra College
49 Court Oak Road
B17 9TG

Tel: 0121 428 5025


In this section you can create and save your activities to your own personal planner, these activities could be one off or maybe a recurring activity you have planned weekly or monthly.

By using your personal planner to organise your day, you can see if you have any free time, if so you search your groups ‘Events’ to fill the gaps in your day.

When you create or edit an activity you can attach multimedia files, these attachments can act as prompts for the activity you are planning to do.


Within the 'Events' section of the site you can view and book shared events that are happening today or in the near future, these are ‘Events’ that you groups have shared!

By taking part in events, you get to try something new; you can even create your own event. You can tell other people about the good things you know are happening and how to take part. It could be a BBQ, a band playing, an open day or a club event that you think is worth talking about. You can also see what events your friends are attending.

Within the ‘Events’ section you can:-

  • find out what events are available, what they offer and if there is a cost associated with it
  • do things with others rather than on your own
  • try something new together, or do something you haven't done for a while
  • share your experiences, interests and skills and learn from each other
  • find out what your friends are doing and meet up with them

Have your say!

Within the Groups section of the site you can create your own forum, other members can reply to your thread, you can also reply to other members threads and have your say. The forums give you a place to air your opinion, your voice counts so get involved!


If you want to share a status update or see what your friends are doing, you can do this on the ‘Home’ page!

The home page lets you see yours and your friend’s updates, these include:-

  • status updates
  • new friendships
  • when your friends joins a new group
  • friends sharing their scrapbooks
  • friends sharing their diary entries
  • you can see a snapshot of who you are friends with
  • you can also see what groups you are a member of


In 'Announcements' group owners can make an announcements, this can be about anything from a new event being created to letting people know about the new multimedia file that have been added to groups 'Our Stuff' section of the site.

When you make an announcement the site will automatically send a message to the entire group’s members, this prompts people to view your announcement.

In the ‘Our Stuff’ section we can share and keep anything that is important to us!

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